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Bucky's Dome


The Aspen Institute's Dome just got spiffier. Rising out of a small aspen grove like a giant, quarter-buried golf ball, a refurbished version of the Aspen Institute's beloved Buckminster Fuller dome appeared on the grounds of the Aspen Meadows in April. Bucky himself first erected a similar thirty-six-foot-diameter dome on the institute campus for the 1952 International Design Conference. Later used as a cover for the Aspen Meadows pool, the dome was eventually shunted off to a field on the institute's grounds, falling into disrepair.

Fuller, who died in 1983, was world-renowned as a futurist, inventor, and systems designer whose overarching philosophy was "more for less." While he did not invent the geodesic dome, Fuller patented the mathematics behind the design, heralded for its ability to support an inordinate amount of stress on a structure made of lightweight materials.

Institute executive vice president Amy Margerum scoured the country to find a team that could refashion a new canvas cover for the dome, which now sits not far from the Benedict Music Tent, across from the institute's Paepcke Wildflower Garden. The structure stands as testament to Aspen's rich history with design but most of all as a reminder: These grounds sprout ideas. 

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