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Industrial Revelation

Photography by Karl Wolfgang

Dress and bag from Dennis Basso; gloves and earmuffs from Fendi



Dress, necklace, and gloves from Fendi; Dennis Basso hat



Suit and shirt from Max; shoes and tights from Fendi; rings from the Golden Bough


Suit, shirt, shoes, and tights from Prada; rings from Caribou Jewels


Dress and fur vest from Max; gloves from Fendi; necklaces from the Golden Bough; handbag from Nuages


Fur jacket from Dennis Basso; skirt from The Gallerie; tights from Fendi; rings from Caribou Jewels; shoes from Nuages


Dress and belt from Nuages; lion apron from B’jewel; gloves and hat from Fendi

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